Meet the team: My experience as a FanDuel L2 Engineer

Written by Jack Cogan, Elisol Bastouri and Tamer Amer

As the demand for innovative technology continues to grow, so does the need for skilled software engineers. At FanDuel, one of the ways we tackle this is by hiring entry level engineers (also known as “L2” engineers”).

Our L2 engineers are made up of recent grads, coding bootcamp alumni and self-taught coders; who are hired directly into our engineering teams. Although these engineers come from diverse learning backgrounds they all share something in common; a passion for programming and a willingness to learn, and we’ve been excited to see how they contribute to our company’s success.

Our L2 engineers are responsible for supporting and maintaining the software systems that our company relies on. Working closely with our L3 engineers and wider teams to troubleshoot issues, debug code, and implement solutions that keep our systems running smoothly and are an integral part of the team.

We spoke to some of the L2 engineers in our Sportsbook teams and asked them to share some insights.

What was your first impression of FanDuel and the role?

Joining FanDuel has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made[…]

The first impression I had was the extensive support and positive energy from the members of the team, which is still ongoing.”

- Elisol Bastouri, L2 Software Engineer, Trams Team

I consider myself very lucky to be part of FanDuel, especially after graduating from CodeClan and coming here for my first job within tech. My journey here has been very exciting and the wealth of knowledge to learn from my peers is invaluable.”

- Jack Cogan, L2 Software Engineer, Wizards Team

What has been the best part of the role so far?

“My mentor, seniors and lead understand my background and the level of knowledge I have in programming. This is an advantage because they make me trust them and trust the process.”

- Elisol Bastouri, L2 Software Engineer, Trams Team

“Every day, I get to work beside some of the most talented engineers in the industry. Their insights and experiences have not only helped me professionally, but personally as well.”

- Jack Cogan, L2 Software Engineer, Wizards Team

“FanDuel assigns a buddy to you that can help you get through the, at times, seemingly impossible.”

-Tamer Amer, L2 Software Engineer, Black Bears Team

What’s been the hardest part of the role so far?

It was difficult at first; transitioning from CodeClan to FanDuel still involved a lot of learning, the main difference being that it is up to you to teach yourself. Once I finally learned how to use the basic tools and languages my team used daily, I then got to dive into the codebase, which turned out to be more learning!”

- Tamer Amer, L2 Software Engineer, Black Bears Team

“Some of the hardest parts of joining FanDuel have been learning new technologies. In the first few weeks of joining FanDuel, I primarily took it upon myself to learn how our codebase worked and even now, I’m still trying to.

I’m thankful to FanDuel offering us more learning for technologies like AWS and websites like Frontend Masters. Learning new technologies can be a challenging yet essential aspect of joining any tech company, especially if the technologies in question are constantly evolving.”

- Jack Cogan, L2 Software Engineer, Wizards Team

What does the future look like for you at FanDuel?

“Sincerely, with FanDuel there are no limitations when it comes to professional development or growth. I have more than I need to be successful and for the first time in 7 years I feel motivated again. I LOVE MY JOB!

- Elisol Bastouri, L2 Software Engineer, Trams Team, Sportsbook

I feel incredibly grateful for the chance to work at FanDuel and I’m excited to see where I will end up within the future of the company.”

-Jack Cogan, L2 Software Engineer, Wizards Team

After about a year in the game our UK L2s have often built sufficient experience and knowledge of industry to progress to the next stage of their careers. In the UK L2s often progress to L3 within 12 months. This opens up new L2 roles, creating a pipeline of fresh talent into our teams whilst recognising the input and skill they have brought to the team.

Interested in joining FanDuel UK as an entry level engineer? — Keep an eye on our careers site for new roles!

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