Career Insights for the Next Generation of Data Professionals

Senior Data Engineer Emanuele Pesce recently participated in a panel discussion sharing his thoughts on how to build a career in data.

The Data Lab Community organises a wide range of events aimed at connecting data professionals, students, and enthusiasts to learn and grow together. On June 27th, as part of their Employability series, The Data Lab hosted an event titled “How to Build a Career in Data & AI: Private Sector” where data professionals shared their experiences working in the private sector.

The panel consisted of the following members:

Dr. Alfred Tiley, a Data Scientist at The Data Lab Community, coordinated the event discussion.

Emanuele took part in a panel discussion hosted by The Data Lab Community

It was a pleasure for me, as a FanDuel representative, to participate in the panel and share my knowledge and experiences with the next generation of professionals in the data field.

During the panel discussion, the participants were asked about their reasons for choosing to work in the private sector. The panellists agreed that most people do not have a preference for either the private or public sector when job hunting. There are often other factors to consider that hold more significance. For example, searching for projects that provide practical challenges and chances for professional development is essential.

It is important to focus on developing and learning new skills when looking for employment. Companies like FanDuel offer time for personal growth, which helps individuals achieve their goals and overall development over the longer term.

During the discussion, the topic of job searching was brought up. It was suggested that in addition to using online job boards, building a professional network could be a helpful way to apply for positions. This is because not all job openings are posted online, and having a recommendation from someone in your network can speed up the hiring process. Attending technical meetups or data events is a great way to establish and expand your professional network.

FanDuel team members participate in DataSummit as part of DataFest
Attending technical meetups or data events is a great way to establish and expand your professional network.
FanDuel Data Engineers present at a local Data meetup event in Edinburgh

Job security was also one of the key points discussed during the event. There is a common perception that positions in the public sector are safer and less prone to redundancy compared to their counterparts in the private sector. However, the panellists shared their experience that job security in the private sector is not easily determined. The type of industry also plays a significant role in determining contract length. For example, in Academia, which falls under the public sector, approximately 33% of staff members were hired on fixed-term contracts in 2021/2022, according to the Higher Education Staff Statistics. It was also noted that in the private sector, permanent positions are generally more common based on the panelists’ experiences.

Technical skills were also a subject of discussion. One suggestion was to check out job ads, company blogs, and articles to learn about the most sought-after expertise and technologies. To fill any gaps in skills; online courses and resources are often suggested.

Furthermore, the importance of having a mentor was emphasised. For instance, The Data Lab Community offers a mentoring program designed to connect students with professionals. While finding a mentor with relevant experience and expertise is important, it was also highlighted that compatibility and a good rapport with the mentor are valuable qualities. Friendliness and supportiveness are essential attributes of a mentor.

Overall, participating in this Employability series was a rewarding experience. It provided me with the opportunity to share my professional journey as a data expert and offer guidance to the next generation of individuals entering the industry.

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